Monday, March 2, 2009

adios Palo

I had heard that there was another permanent gringo in Itzapa (other than the mormons), but never met said gringo. A few weeks later we ended up at her house for dinner.

Sarah is here with the peace corps, she is working with a women´s collective that makes shampoo- much like Mujeres en Acción but without the bici-liquadora. Maybe they can join forces?

She has a lime tree growing in her courtyard, which we used for the guacamole!

Her apartment was a step up from ours, though far less furnished. We had a nice meal of tostadas with guacamole, tea, fruit and a cake that tasted like queso fresco (not a good taste for a cake) (it was also disgustingly moist- you could squeeze it like a sponge and liquid would drip out).

Palo serenaded us, as always.

Anneliese showed off her crazy elbow tricks.

And we shared youtube videos- Sarah has... wireless

This morning Palo left, which was really sad for everyone. He kept us all well stocked in laughter.
Ahhh, Palo...

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